The future is dependent on us and on what we do today

Aware that the future is largely dependent on what we do in the present, we are a responsible company, committed to systematically improving our activity and our relationship with all our stakeholders:

  • We are committed to the development of our workers, to whom we supply continuous training and health, safety, and well-being conditions that contribute to us having a motivated and dedicated professional team.

  • We act thoroughly and transparently toward our customers, suppliers, and partners, providing them with safe and high-quality products that meet all legal requirements, and we focus on innovation so that our operation can bring them added value.

  • We regard animal welfare as a priority and defend respect for their five freedoms: the animal should be free from hunger and thirst, free from discomfort, free from pain, harm, and sickness, free to express its natural behaviour, and free from fear and suffering.

  • We are committed to developing an environmentally sustainable business through the use of best practices, seeking to prevent pollution and reducing the usage of resources, namely water and energy.